April 2021
, by
Joe Mason

The Yes/No Playlist - Ep.1

Every now and then we take off our headphones, put down the Wacom pens and talk to each other in a Jesse's Diets style about what audio/visuals we are consuming.

This month, Matt is mostly listening to...

Radio Show: Unfold from Tru Thoughts
Rob Luis’ dulcet tones present an amazing standard of offbeat tunes including downtempo electro, hip hop, drum and bass and gospel house music.

Album: Whack World by Tierra Whack

Bite-size hip hop at its best. Every song is one minute long. There’s even a (15 minute) video for the whole album

Podcasts: Wolf and Owl

Simple, funny chat between two sweet, sweet guys (that will make sense if you listen) Tom Davis (Wolf) and Romesh Ranganathan (Owl)

Watching: Hip Hop: The songs that shook America

A fascinating look into some pivotal moments in the cultural phenomenon that is Hip Hop


This month, Will is mostly listening to...

A regular album for me this month has to be Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde by The Pharcyde. The bouncing 90’s hip bop beats have been getting me through long train journeys and preparing me for the day. Also, any track from that album pairs beautifully with the sunny weather and the post-lockdown vibes.

This month, Joe is mostly listening to...

I'm not sure how this one slipped by, but I've only just discovered DJ Yoda's Home Cooking album from 2019. Probably because I'm not normally a massive fan of DJ Yoda -  'all that scratching makes me itch' But this album, for me, is a chilled, soulful kinda 90s 00s vibe that sits well with my constitution.

And, of course, the ever-favourite Unkle's latest journey into beats, samples and melodic vocals, is, well - just mint.

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